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I love my work

I have the privilege of capturing some of life's most precious moments. From the first days of a newborn's life to the milestones of childhood, each session presents a unique opportunity to document the beauty and love that exist within a family.

Capturing cuddles on the couch.

To me, family documenting is not just about taking pictures. I strive to make every session fun, relaxed, and personalised to each family's unique dynamics.

Selection of different types of families.

One of my favourite aspects of family documenting is seeing the personalities and relationships of each family member. Whether it's capturing the giggles of siblings playing together, the quiet moments of a parent comforting a child, or the joyous expressions during a family dance party, I aim to capture the authentic interactions and emotions that make each family special.

Ultimately, my goal as a family documenter is to provide my clients with a collection of images that they cherish for years to come. I want each family to look back on their session and remember not just the photos themselves, but the experience of creating them.

Me behind the camera.


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