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Create a library of images that tell the story of your company's unique brand. Shot on-location, I'll capture the essence of your company culture.

Business & Editorial

Company & Business Branding Shoot

1 / How I work for this shoot

I have a wealth of experience working with brands and know what you need to shine in a competitive market. I will help you create a shot list and develop a brief so we stay on track. But I also really enjoy that life isn’t scripted. When I’m on a shoot, I can take the key shots, as well as the unscheduled moments in between—often that’s where the wonder is and it’s why you hire me—to see ‘beyond’ the schedule. I’m accustomed to working with big names, bright stars and corporate heavyweights. Some of the notable people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing over the years include Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Nicole Kidman, and Richard Branson. And I use the same approach when working with them as I would with you. After all, super star or start-up hero—it’s about the person behind the lens, connecting with the person in front of the lens in that moment, and that’s all that matters. Corporate portraits, Hollywood stars, boardroom big wigs - I’ve got you covered. A corporate portrait should represent you and speak volumes about the humans behind a business. It should capture the beauty of a person in an authentic way and mesh with your workplace culture.

2 / Service Description

Included in your shoot is the following: • 2 hour shoot at your office, studio or workspace (up to six people) • 80 meticulously edited and post-produced images • A license to use your high-resolution source files for company use – social media, editorial, advertising - they are yours to share and keep.

3 / Shoot Fee

¥120,000 : a 2 hour session on location as per details above. (or ¥35,000 for a 30 minute headshot portrait session at my home studio - enquire for details) This shoot fee of ¥120,000 covers all inclusions as per the service description above for business and editorial session. For more information about my fee structure, please read 'Shoot FAQs: how much does it cost'

Alexandra Coonce - Head of Global Communications, Climate Policy Initiative

“Hayley is a gifted photographer. We commissioned her to create portraits of our international partners and consultants. Her ability to make her subjects feel comfortable is evident in the final product: photos that are relaxed, confident and we’re proud to use them to show-off our team. Hayley’s stellar personality coupled with her high-quality work, professionalism and responsiveness is the reason we keep asking her to come back.”
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