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About Hayley

I’m a people person. I love listening to your story, observing your world and capturing your essence in images. 

My Approach

You’ve chosen me to see your life through my eyes. My job is to capture your world authentically. My approach is to embed myself in your everyday life and wait patiently for special moments to happen. I don’t operate with a shot list or with a regimented idea on what I need to capture. You’ve booked me to be there, so you can relax and go about life. Let me do the rest. I get into my creative flow just knowing what a privilege it is to witness your reality in all its beauty. 

I love capturing everyday scenes and the unpredictability of people in their own environments. In fact, I never shoot family sessions in studios. Instead, I photograph people in their homes and their local neighbourhoods. This anchors everyone in place and it makes little ones feel safe. You can get messy, cook, bath the baby, change clothes and have comfort food and drinks all on hand.


Your objects and furnishings at home are the most honest backdrop of life as it is right now. Homelife grounds everyone, so the photos I capture are a time-capsule of now.


You can live in a one bedroom studio or a mansion on an estate - to me, they are both called home. Photographs in your comfort zone will be cherished forever and I guarantee they will become more valuable to you as the years go by.

My Professional Record 

My work has taken me throughout Australia, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Italy, Mexico, Zambia and Japan. Yep, I feel blessed to have worked with an incredible tapestry of people, customs and cultures – and loved every minute of it. I’ve worked as a professional photographer since 2001. I am originally from Australia, but spent seven wonderful years in San Francisco, four fabulous years in Singapore, and now call Tokyo home.

For the gear-geeks, on every job I shoot with a LEICA SL and various lenses. My photographic work has been recognised with gold and silver awards by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), exhibited in commercial galleries and acquired by collectors. I am a Mama to three awesome daughters, have a rock-solid husband and one lazy loving pug dog.

Want to lean more about how we can work together? Head to my Services

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